How to Boost Your Immunity in this Pandemic

Worried about your Immune System in these desperate times. I have written this blog to effectively boost your immunity.

How to Boost Your Immunity in this Pandemic

During this pandemic, a plethora of blogs on boosting the immune system has surfaced. But one should ask, does our immune system can help us prevent the COVID-19 virus. The answer is a big NO!

Yes, our immune system helps our body to fight various viruses of flu and infections. That’s because our body has already adopted for those viruses, by developing the anti-bodies for them.

But a better immune system surely gives us a fighting chance against the COVID-19 virus. We have already witnessed that those who have successfully recovered from this virus have a better immune system, plus having no other existing medical conditions.

Thus, more than ever before we need to focus more on a healthy lifestyle.

Following are my 6 tips to effectively boost your immunity:

  1. Things to Avoid
  2. Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Regular Workout
  4. Bit of Yoga
  5. Vitamin Supplements
  6. Adequate Amount of Sleep

1.   Things to avoid:

 Whenever you are planning to go for a healthy lifestyle, first you need to get rid of the bad habits.

You might want to layoff the following things:

  • Smoking (Including Pot and Shisha)
  • Alcohol (Can drink occasionally)
  • Sweet (Any food that has unnatural sweet, instead try honey)
  • Junk food (or any food that has more fat in it)

2.   Fruits and Vegetables:

 Now let’s start with the food first. There are a lot of articles on the web claiming top fruits or vegetables that one should eat for a fit body. Yes, there are right to some extent. But what if you don’t have those fruits or vegetables in your local store. Even some of those fruits sound exotic.

To be honest any kind of food or vegetables (as long as they are not been grown using harmful fertilizers) that you can procure locally are the best. Try to add green veggies if possible.

But if you can grow them in your garden, that’s even great. Here, the point of focus is eating fruits and vegetables daily, instead of eating junk food.

3.   Regular Workout:

 Now after the right diet, the next step is a workout, that you can easily do in the comfort of your home.

During this pandemic, there are even more companies that are providing training to help you go fit while staying home. And some of them are providing free online consultation services

The important point is consistency, and you will see the effect in just 2-3 months.

4.   Bit of Yoga:

 If the workout seems too exhausting, you can consider doing yoga. For yoga, there are many apps in the app store and some of them provide free training. Here also consistency is the key.

Yoga works in two folds; it gives you a leaner and fitter body as well as increases your focus and concentration level.

5.   Vitamin Supplements:

 If you are following your diet of fruits and vegetables, then you are already taking plenty of vitamins. But you can take some extra measures by taking vitamin supplements.

You can take daily supplements of vitamin C and D.

6. Adequate Amount of Sleep:

Last but not the least, having a good sleep, to recharge your drained body. But like anything else, if you consume them more than enough, it does more harm than good. Make sure you are taking adequate sleep of around 6 hours. To boost the immune system healthy sleep comes as imperative.

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